Friday, June 28, 2013

The Transformers - "Faces of Opa Locka Revival"

Miami, FL – History Miami opens the exhibition Opa Locka: Mirage City.   Curated by Jose R. Vazquez, Associate Professor of Architecture at Miami Dade College.  The exhibition shows this a unique City largely influenced by the Moorish Architectural style, as envisioned by Architect Bernard Muller and his inspiration of the “Arabian Nights”
One of the exhibited panels called The Transformers, “Faces of Opa Locka Revival,”  shows the faces of many individuals collaborating to transform this City.  Providing Historic Preservation Services, JSK Architectural Group is part of the MC Harry Team for the Rehabilitation of the Historic City Hall Building and Fire Station. Jorge S. Kuperman, AIA, Principal Architect of JSK Architectural Group and Ellen Uguccioni, Director of Historic Preservation Services said: 
- This is an incredible undertaking that took us to spend a considerable amount of time researching the original drawings and sketches of Architect Bernard Muller, which were archived at the Special Collections Department of the University of Miami Library.

- We are extremely proud of being an essential component of this team and having the experience of working with the original drawings from the 1920’s.  Architect Bernard Muller's drawings gave us the ability to accurately separate the original from the new; however, being able to touch and feel the materials and surfaces in their current state was a key ingredient in creating the assessment that will lead to the rehabilitation and preservation of Opa Locka's City Hall and Fire Station.  A true Historic Preservation effort, Kuperman said.Opa-locka: Mirage City Reception